My top two bucket list:

The first one is: Watching my favorite tennis player, Roger Federer, winning Grand Slam titles LIVE!

Whether it's in US open or French open or Australian open or Wimbledon, I'm promise myself  I will be there watching Roger someday. Sitting there on that big stadium watch him play his final and shout "come on, Roger!!" along with all his fans, standing ovation when he wins the match, crying of happiness, get to meet Federer family; Mirka, his wife and his twin little girls, will wear my RF outfits, get my thing signed by him or even take picture of us together. I know I don't really have much hopes and probably don't have much time either since Roger's time is quite over now. But I will try my best to make it come true! This is going to be AWESOME. I can't wait :)

Seeing you winning Grand Slam trophy LIVE is my biggest dream now :)
He is more than amazing.

The second one is still: Ice skate on a freezing lake

For sure, I am really gonna make this come true! Just wait and you'll see :)
Probably will do ice skate with someone special in such a beautiful place

These two things are my motivations to work and study even harder now. 
I will never give it up.

Not chasing this dream is one thing I will regret

I dream big and I'll make it come true.