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Udah sekitar 4 bulan terakhir ini setiap gue ke tumblr gue pasti ketik nama "Roger Federer" di search box. Dan gak lama semua foto, quote, dan news atau apapun tentang Roger bakal muncul. Gue selalu senang setiap kali gue "tenggelam" di dunia tumblr. Karena bagi gue pribadi, tumblr adalah sumber foto-foto, quote, dan news paling update dengan editan paling kece! Caption-nya juga bagus-bagus. Makanya sekarang tumblr gue jadi isinya Roger semua. Kalo gue reblog quote-quote cinta gitu malah rasanya aneh hahahaha dan hari ini, "ketenggelaman gue di dunia tumblr" menemukan ini. Cuplikan hasil interview Roger yang terbaru dan dia bilang selama dia masih bisa milih, dia bakal milih untuk tetap bermain tenis dan gue seneng banget bacanya!!!! :"> 

Because as all of you might know, gue pengen banget bisa ada di satu turnamen Grand Slam nonton dia tanding, LIVE. Gue pengen banget ada di stadion besar itu dukung Roger kasih semangat gak karu-karuan bersama seluruh pendukung Roger lainnya yang datang dari berbagai belahan dunia.. dan dengan adanya news ini gives me that insane courage to keep pursuing this ridiculous dream. Rasanya gue semakin dekat dengan impian itu :) I am sooooo gonna make this come true. Wish me tons of luck, readers!

And here is what he said in that interview:

Q.  What is it especially about this sport and your love for it that wants you to keep coming back year after year?

Roger Federer:  I don’t know.  What do you like about writing? For me, it’s pretty simple:  this is what I used to do as a little boy, you know.  It’s something that always is there in your DNA.  It’s almost like I started walking at the same time I started playing tennis in some ways, you know.  It’s like one of those moments where you’re just happy out on the court, you’re happy improving, happy trying to change things, adjusting now. 

Clearly today it’s different than when I was 12 years old, you know, trying to just I don’t want to say have fun, I was trying to make a breakthrough on some certain level back then as well.  It’s just something I enjoy doing. 

The thing is that when you stop, you’re still so young that why stop so early?  Why just walk away from it because, I mean, I have many other things to do in my life than play tennis, but because I can still choose, I pick to play.  As long as I have this choice, I’ll keep on playing. 

Roger kissing his first Grand Slam trophy (Wimbledon 2003)
Roger with his 17th Grand Slam trophy (Wimbledon 2012) and counting...

You know what Roger? I don't have choice. I sure willl keep on cheering for you till the very end. Thank you for choosing tennis, Rog.


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