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Kemaren gue bilang kan akan kembali posting malam ini untuk report cerita sidangku dan hasil pertandingan Roger hari ini hehehe hm yang mana dulu ya. Cerita Roger dulu aja ya. Cerita gue terakhir aja sekalian penutup :>

Roger mainnya keren banget hari ini suer!!!!! That was an awesome match, really! But you know what? He lost. Novak Djokovic defeated our hero 3-6, 6-3, 7-6(3). Biasanya ya kalo Roger kalah, pasti gue sedih banget. Tapi pertandingan tadi pagi itu seru banget. Roger memenangkan set pertama. Dan pemain sehebat Djokovic juga tidak akan semudah itu membiarkan Roger menang hanya dengan 2 set. Maka permainan pun berlanjut sampai di set ketiga. Tapi tau gak sih, Roger sempet ketinggalan skor 3-5 di set ketiga. But he tried to stay focus, played the best tennis he can to stay on the match and he did! Pertandingan berlanjut sampai tie break, 6-6, but unfortunately Roger lost in the tie breaker. Gimana bisa sedih? Roger emang kalah, tapi dia sudah mencoba yang terbaik yang dia bisa.

And another good news, Roger’s ranking has moved from No. 8 to No.5!  Welcome back to the top 5, champ! His ranking, maybe, can continue to climb over the next few months! Hopefully his back stays healthy and everything go as planned.

well well well look who's crept back to the top 5!

"Roger is playing in a very high level. He just played better than he did in the last 13, 14 months. I needed to really be in the top of my game and very concentrated the last moment in order to win. That's what I've done. Very proud of my achievements during this tournament." -Novak Djokovic

“A few weeks ago, months ago, a few people said I couldn't play tennis anymore. So for me I need to focus on my own game, my own routines, hard work, make sure I keep a good schedule for myself, for my family and enjoy it. At the same time, that fire, wanting to win, is important and right now I have that. I think I have a really good balance right now.” -Roger Federer  (i love his spirit :>)

Always be my number one.

No we didn’t get the title. But damn it, you played excellent tennis today. I couldn't be more proud of you Roger :) Don't let this one stop you. Don't listen to haters cuz haters gunna  h a t e.  You are a great tennis player and next time you'll beat him for sure. Hope you and your family get some rest now. Love to you all. Miami awaits, Roger ♥

Jadi disinilah akhir dari cerita pertandingan Roger hari ini. Langsung aja ya lanjut ke topik kedua!

Sebenernya sidang gue cacat banget jir jawab pertanyaannya terbata-bata dan ya, cacat dah -_- but do i look like i  care? No. Yang penting udah lewaaaaat AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SO HAPPY :)))

I wanna thank those of you who helped me during the preparation before the D-day. You guys helped me alot! And for those of you who sent me those sweet wishes and supports through my twitter, LINE, text or anything else. Thank you so much guysssss sidang hari ini mungkin akan lebih cacat lagi kalo bukan karena dukungan dan bantuan kalian. Ini bener-bener ucapan terima kasih yang tulus dari lubuk hati paling dalam. Makasih banyak ya LOVE YOU GUYS ♥

Good luck ya buat kalian yang belum sidang. Pasti bisa kok sidang gampang. Serius. Hahahaha :P best of luck, Revolfer! Cuma sejam kok bagaimana pun pasti lewat pasti bisa! SEMANGAT YA doaku menyertaimu ♥


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