Hi peeps.

I have already done the national examination last week. That was the last examination of the year. The last examination of my incredible high school journey actually. The last! I mean...LAST! Really! Thank god it all went well. I think I can get an excellent score. That's possible actually. I worked so hard for it ha! :p Now you can call me alumni tho it's not official until the graduation.

Well it's a huge relief that I am finally on that situation where I can apply for work and have a lot of free time. You know, I don't have to go to school anymore. I'm an un-official alumni. So what I've been doing these past few days are looking for job, applying for it, waiting anxiously to be interviewed (wish me the best!) and watching movieees.

I love watching movies in my free time and I have few recommended movies here. Romance ones ;) I love romance movies. Every girl loves romance movies. Am I right, girls? 


These beautiful and sweet movies worth the watch. Really. And those movies are: (ranked 6 to 1, my version) 

1. Titanic (my favorite movie of all-time)

I cried really hard when I watched Titanic (who doesnt?!), One Day, and The Notebook. I got teary eyes when I watched About Time and The Vow. And I laughed a lot during Music and Lyrics :) 

I connect each movie to a link where you can watch those movies for free. Just simply click the title and you will be there watching in peace with Indonesian subtitle! (But if you think watching from free website is the same as piracy, then don't. This is just a suggestion. Take it or leave it.)

So, those are the 6 most recommended romance movies (my version) as of April 24th 2014. 
If you have other recommended movies, kindly leave them in the comments below. I'll be so happy if you mind to share your favorite movies :) thank you very much. Good night.

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P.S: Another suggestion, you could watch those movies with a box of caramel popcorn, a glass of soda or slices of your favorite pizza while snuggling with your beloved one on your comfiest pajamas. Enjoy the movie :)

P.S 2: Happy birthday, Acil! I love you to the moon and back, sweety pie