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Di postingan kali ini cuma mau cerita aja tentang hal-hal yang terjadi hari ini. It's what blogging is all about, right? ;) 
So, there are 3 special things happened today.

Kemarin, hari selasa tanggal 17 Juni, sekitar setengah jam setelah keluar tes sbmptn, gue dapet sms panggilan psikotes dan interview!! Alhamdulillah akhirnya :') dan gue disuruh dateng hari besoknya a.k.a hari ini, rabu 18 Juni. Tempat tes psikotes dan interviewnya tadi jauh sih ke Jakarta Barat. Untungnya my super dad mau nganterin dari pagi buta dan nungguin sampe selesai (thank you dad!) dan tadi Alhamdulillah semuanya lancar. Kalo keterima, kerjanya bakal ditempatin di Gn. Putri which means enak banget karena deket rumah gue! Doain ya moga lanjut terus dan keterima >.<

Bismillah, Allah knows best.

Nah terus yang kedua,
Akhirnya tadi gue nonton How To Train Your Dragon 2!!!! Yahuuuuu udah nungguin banget film ini sejak tahun lalu diberitain kalo film ini rilis Juni 2014. And you know what? All the wait was worth it! Seruu! Toothless gak karuan cutenya! Gak ngerti lagi. Pengen banget punya piaraan naga kayak Toothless :>  Terus juga romansa cinta remaja Hiccup dan Astrid gue suka banget. Salah satu kisah asmara impian gue hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ini rahasia ya lovely readers  :p   #bukankode

suka banget sama mereka! they look good together :>

Pokoknya seru deh. Gue cenderung gak suka kartun-kartun dari Dreamworks. Kalo kartun ya Disney lah juaranya. Apalagi gue tumbuh besar dengan nonton kartun-kartun Disney. So it's obvious I prefer Disney to Dreamworks. Lagian emang senioran Disney sih. Tapi... this cartoon is EXCEPTIONAL. Really! I'm a fan! The only Dreamworks cartoon that I love I must say. Keren deh. Gak sabar nunggu film ke-3nya! 

And the last special thing is...


I remember watching Roger Federer for the first time last year at Wimbledon and I fell in love with him right away. Really. I don't know. When I saw him on TV that day, it's just clicked! My heart locked. Hahahaha it does sound silly but it happened. The feeling was just there. I've seen other players before him but the feeling wasn't there. Yeah I know it's strange. 

And it's been a year. It's 5 more days till Wimbledon 2014! Can you believe it?! It's crazy how time runs so fast. Mind-blowing... So please let me take you back to that special moment when I first saw him last year at Wimbledon 2013 to celebrate my first "anniversary" as a tennis fan hahaha  :p

I know this wasn't from Wimbledon 2013 but i just love this photo, so much!

one super lucky fan at last year's Wimbledon.  Envy her!
sadly he had to come home so early at Round 2. That's not going to happen this year!
This year he's gonna lift that trophy again!

So that is it, the 3 most special things that happened today hehehehehe :> 
I think that's enough from me. I'll see you soon on the next post. And if you want to leave a comment or something, don't be shy, kindly leave them on the comments section below. I'll be happy to answer that. Sweet dreams, people. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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