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I love Big-Cat.

My love for Big-Cat started to grow when I watched Lion King by Walt Disney back when I was a kid. I was still in kindergarten. I used to watch Lion King every day after I got back from school. Literally. Every day. I started to like Big-Cat because little Simba was so cute and grown-up Simba somehow looked handsome in my eyes. Ha. I know that is really weird.

But then everything changed after I watched Lion’s (and other Big-Cats) life documentary in the wild on Nat Geo Wild. I started to understand that life in Savanna is hard. Since then, my love for Big-Cat grows bigger each day and takes more than cutie looks. I started to respect them. Big big big respect! I didn’t have any respects for them when I was a kid. I just loved them simply because they were too cute to be true. Well you didn’t understand things like respect when you were five, right?

The point is, 
I feel really sad to hear that Tiger, or any other Big-Cats, being called Man-Eater (Pemakan Manusia).

That hurts my heart a lot. That is the meanest thing a person could ever said. C'mon you know that’s not their fault.

They killed us to fulfill their daily needs, you know, food. They need food. They need fresh meat. They have family and cubs to be fed every day. They need to eat meat to keep their family alive. They need to survive. What can they do? They have to eat us. The situation force them to. There are no other options. Their populations are declining at an alarming rate. They are victims of habitat loss.

Look at how they fall deeply in love with each other. So beautiful.
Lion Family's Day Out
One not-so-big happy family :)

While at the same time, when they struggle a lot to survive, we killed many of them so that we can have one beautiful hand-bag made of their beautiful skin. We swept all their jungle so that we can build residential areas. And we call them Man-Eater??

Yes, they killed hundreds of us. But we killed thousands of them.

They are not Man-Eater. They are a fighter. They fight the extreme weather, the predators, even the evil hunters. We are the real monster. Their life was already so hard without us hunting them down. Just don’t make it even harder.

Look at how beautiful he is :)

You said human is smart. You said human has brain. You said human has heart.
Well that’s bullshxxt.

None of all was used nicely. The greedy-ness of wanting to have everything has covered the good in us. I’m not sure God created us to act this way. If you’re human, then act like human. By showing some respect and love and using your smartness, brain & heart in a best possible way. Don't make God regrets His decision of giving you smart brain.

Stop being a monster. As simple as that.

We could be best friend.
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