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Hi people! Sorry I've been away for awhile. I got so busy at campus lately. So many tasks that demand to be done. Wait... Have I told you I'm in college now? Hahaha yes, I know I've been through a lot of tests, interviews and stuffs to get a job. But it turns out that God led me here. I'm a college student now. I'm studying Chemical Engineering at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University located in Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia :)

And it's been a month since I moved here in Cilegon. There are so many things happen that I want to tell you guys all of it! But first let me tell you about my 19th Birthday last September.

So the day before, I posted a tweet and asked my dearest friends directly to made me a birthday card. I was not choosing the theme. They were free to pick the theme but I told them it would be good if the theme was Roger Federer hehehe then the next morning I was a lil bit feeling sad because nobody wished me a happy birthday other than my lil sisters :( no new mentions on my Twitter notification and so was my LINE. It was a freaking sad birthday morning.....

I also didn't tell my boarding house's mates that it was my birthday. I just don't know how to tell them. So I went to campus like nothing special happened. It was one bloody sad Birthday, until my dearest piggy friends sent me the birthday cards I asked them the other day!

this one is from my beloved Nensi ♥
AMIN!!! this one is from my lady Queen (Ratu) ♥
One of my favorites! the only birthday card with Sehun in it ♥ this one is from Aping my love ♥♥♥

And this video below is from my honey bunny sweety NISA!!! A short and meaningful video! My favorite ♥

I asked her for a birthday card but she made me a birthday video instead!

How cool is that?!

They are so creative and incredibly talented! I love them so so so much ♥

Then that night this little family of mine made a visit to my boarding house! My mom wanted to keep this a secret at first but I kept asking if they would come visit me that day haha! So it wasn't  a secret, it wasn't a surprise :) they bought me a birthday cake and I ate it all with my boarding house's mates. Yes I finally told them hehehehe they loved the cake as much as I did. Of course! It's the most delicious birthday cake that has ever existed :9          ...or it was just me  aha
(photos coming up real soon. I'll edit this post and add the photos as soon as i get them. I'll let you know once it's finished. xx)

The thing is, I just realised that day that I have God's greatest people around me. What could've been better than that? We're alive, healthy, loved and care about each other. I couldn't ask for a better life. I couldn't ask for a better group of people. Thank you so much God for this beautiful life with these beautiful people in it You have given to me. I am so lucky to have them. I am so blessed :)


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