Here I'm not gonna talk too much. I'm just gonna share photos and write some words. Because to be honest I'm so speechless. I'm so sad I had to leave this scary loving school and all my beloved people in it. But first I am so so sorry I am such a horrible blogger, I didn't take many high quality photos. Well more importantly, I didn't take many details of our sweet graduation day... Forgive me I'll do better next time. 

So this day has finally come. The day that we've been waiting for. The day that we've never really wanted to come. The day when everything ends.....  


After 4 years of struggle, we finally graduate. There's so much love, laugh and tears that day. Yes we are happy graduating. But we didn't feel so happy at heart. Because after this day, we will be on our own journey. Our new journey. Be in new places that we might never been to before. Meeting new people, new friends, new family, new bitches (aha) and so on. We're gonna take different path of life after this. We're gonna miss each other so much. And throughout these years we had passed exams, had not passed exams, gone through the "remedial session" a lot, lost friendship, gained friendship, changed our minds a million times, traveled, argued, made up, lost loved ones, gone through the "adulthood" transition, chaos, sickness, happiness and so many other things that make up "life". We've been through a lot together. We are more than just best friends. We are family...

Hopefully we all can achieve success along the way. I'm not interested in competing, I hope we all make it. Amiin. My high school years couldn't be as wonderful as this without the help of you guys, dearest friends Azeotrop Revolfic. I wonder where the next years will take us. :)

This friendship is timeless

So long, otrop! I love you guys with every single inch of my heart. I really do. :)