Hi guys. It's me again! 
Well not being able to update this blog is suck. I have a limited internet quota so that's why. But this morning, yes it's morning here, early morning to be exact at 4:55 AM, I feel like I HAVE to post something interesting happened this morning tho it might spend a loooot of my monthly quota internet but I don't care.

So first, it's crazy how it's 2014 November already.... where the poop did the time go? So scary... a lot have been happening around here. I wanna give you a little review of my 2014 October.

October has been a tough time for me and my friends. Because Acil, that good friend of mine, had a really bad accident :'( she was hit by a car while she was crossing the road near her house. And she was sent to the hospital right away. But I'm happy to announce that she is recovering well right now :)  And another bad thing happened on October is one of other good friends of mine, Nisa, lost her best pal on October 26th. Her dad passed away. Her heart must be broken into a million tiny little pieces. Her world is like falls apart. But don't worry sweetheart, your father is in a better place now. We'll meet again soon, in paradise... :)

And now we're in the second week of November. 
November has been good so far. I got a nice mid-term result on some subjects and some other were really bad, I cut almost 15cm of my hair, there is this MBA (Maba In Action) week in my campus, praktikum, yeah just a college student stuffs actually. 

But today..... I wanna tell you that my super awesome champ is officially through to the semifinals of #FinalShowdown! For those of you who don't know, #FinalShowdown is the ATP World Tour Finals tournament, and the BIGGEST indoor tennis tournament. The tournament is held in The O2 Arena, London. Only 8 qualified players can compete at this tournament. And Roger has qualified for 12 straight years! What a record! He has qualified for 12 straight years and won 6 of them, and will be 7 soon ;)

He is so damn good and I am so damn proud

Well that's just it for today's little update. Wish Roger all the good luck, peeps! Hope he can bring the trophy home and if he wins this tournament, he may get the chance to reclaim the World No. 1 spot! That's the other thing why I excited about this week's tournament so much ♥

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you have a nice Friday. xx