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Hai semua.

So I just watched this romantic movie entitled “If I Stay” and I fell in love with the male main character right away… Well gue emang punya kebiasaan yg setiap kali selesai nonton suatu film, terutama romantic movies, pasti langsung jatuh cinta sama pemeran utama prianya. Sering bgt begitu. Kali ini pun sama.

His name, in the movie, is Adam Wilde. But his real name, in life, is Jamie Blackley. Ceritanya disini Adam anak band rock. Vokalis. Dia pacaran sama adek kelas, named Mia Hall, yg selera musiknya lebih ke musik klasik macem Beethoven gitu. But God! This Adam rocker dude beda bgt kalo lagi sama Mia dan kalo lagi nyanyi di panggung. Gils kece bgt! Hot bgt! Aktingnya jadi vokalis punk rock dapet bgt. Suka bgt! Gue bahkan sempet mikir kalo this band was real. Kalo Adam bener2 anak band rock aslinya. Padahal enggak.

Adam Wilde, ladies and gentlemen!
Lagi ajak Mia kencan
Kalo lagi sama Mia kan zweet gini ya. kalo lagi ngeband...
HYAH kece bgt
No smile. Just singing. So charming...
that messy hair...
Adam with the band, Willamette Stone!

At first I was falling in love so hard with Adam Wilde. You know, the fact that he’s a vocalist of a punk rock band and I love punk rock. I love their music. But soon I’m falling in love with Jamie Blackley even harder, because… okay I googled him and I’ll tell you that one big thing that makes me love Jamie Blackley even more….. He’s british.  KYAA! We, girls, do love british guys. You know, that british accent when they talk, god so hot! you can check this link to see how hot Jamie Blackley is when he’s talking (spoiler!  You’re gonna go wild, girls!)

Dan pas tadi nge-google Jamie Blackley I found out kalo dia main film juga judulnya U Want Me 2 Kill Him? yg disitu dia pemeran utama tapi genre-nya thriller.... gak jadi nonton deh. I hate thriller. But yeah that's okay. He's a newcomer. He's 23. His acting is so damn good. I'm sure he'll play in so many great movies in the future. I just can't wait to see it. :)

kebalikan dari gue...

"He performed all the songs and he sang them live. He’s so good. It’s hard to find someone who can sing, play guitar, act really well, AND be cute." - Chloë Grace Moretz on co-star Jamie Blackley

You rock, Jamie


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