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Hi people! It's December already oh my god 2014 is almost over! I can't believe it. People say if the time passes so quickly that means you're enjoying your time. Well I did enjoy my time. 2014 has been a fun year. Are you enjoying your time, peeps? I hope you are :)
Ok, today I'm gonna tell you about something special that actually happened in November. And fyi I'm gonna make another post to share a November review. The highlight of my November. You know, things I did in the past month but didn't really have the time to post :p

So today I'd like to inform you that

2014 Davis Cup Champion is SWITZERLAND ♥

wohoooo! Davis Cup is a World Cup tournament in tennis. So the match is not man vs man, but country vs country. In this year's DC final, (that takes place in Lille, France) it is between Switzerland vs France. And our forever-super-awesome-hero, Roger Federer, won the rubber against France that gave Switzerland its first ever Davis Cup title in tennis history! oh Roger you are so damx good in tennis ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Roger simply ended the match with a beautiful half-volley, then he fell his body down to the ground that soon the rest of the Swiss team were quick to joined him in the celebrations ♥

You can check this link to see how Roger ended the match in action.

how I wish I was there watching it LIVE

after the match point
his reaction
look how much it meant to him
The Swiss team received their maiden trophy
and medals and their replica trophies!
such a badass team
smiles everywhere!
what a beautiful day to celebrate a win :)

Severin Luthi, The Swiss team Captain!
the hero
Stan the man!
Double Swiss, Double Trouble

Swiss people is happy
oops lucky fans. envy her!
that's my man :)

This win is huge. Sometimes I wish I were Swiss, not Indonesian. You know, the fact that Roger is Swiss and Switzerland is an absolute beautiful country so I wish I were Swiss. ha (i'm not kidding) well anyway congratulations, Swiss! You guys are the best in tennis. Especially that guy named Federer hahahaha :)


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