by - January 25, 2015

I went ice skating today yeay!

I really love ice skating. I enjoy skating. And I miss ice skating so much. The last time I did the ice skating was almost 4 years ago together with some friends. Yes, I didn't get to ice skate much because there's no ice skate ring around my house. Lucky this New Year's Holiday, the nearest Mall from my house, which located just 5 minutes away from home, opened an ice skate ring for a month! Yeay I am so happy! Actually for just 30-minute-ice-skate, the price is quite expensive. But price doesn't be a big deal when it comes to your favorite things, right? The real bad news is: today was the last day :( no more ice skate ring starts from tomorrow huhu so without thinking any longer, I went there today wohoo! I combined two of my favorite things which are spending time alone and ice skating. This is my first time ice skating alone and what I think to myself is that, why didn't I do this sooner?! It was so much fun! I was enjoying every minute of it. I've been ice skating for many times but this is the first time ever that I get to really enjoy myself skating through the arena. Because before this, I ice skated with some friends or family and they would distract me with taking too many pictures or talking while standing. I mean, we're ice skating now so why don't we talk while we skate? Eheh that's what usually happened. So I'd really like to come back alone and have some me-time in the ice skate ring. It's the best thing to do when boredom attacks. Ice skating alone is definitely one thing I will do more in the future. I just can't get enough of it :)


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