by - January 16, 2015

Hi blog! Today I'm gonna share some of my resolutions for 2015! Well if you are my blog reader from long long time ago, you'll know that I'm not resolution-planner-kind of girl. But this year is different. This year I'd like to challenge myself quite a bit by making New Year's Resolution! I think it will be fun to see how many of them come true and how some unexpected things happen when I look back later at 2016 New Year's Eve. Ha I'm so excited! Okay here we go:

- Sign up for Blogshop class
- Continue my knit lesson
- Learn how to make a video
- Blog more
- Shop less
- Save more (money)
- Read more (books)
- Make a donation to my fundraising page regularly
- Give my room a makeover
- Organize the room and dirty laundries regularly
- Give my blog a new layout
- Be more social (I'm kind of introvert person who prefers spending my time alone)
- Be more creative
- Be more patient
- Sleep more
- Support Fed more
- Support Sehun more
- Buy less pirated DVDs
- Buy more original DVDs
- Travel to new places

So what about your New Year's Resolution, readers? I'd love to hear 1 or 2 things from your list as well.
Happy New Year!


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