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Hai readers! Apa kabar semuanya? Sehat-sehat saja kan? Semoga pada sehat ya. Gue baru aja sembuh dari sakit alhamdulillah. 3 hari pilek, 2 hari kemudian disusul batuk. Alhamdulillah sekarang udah sembuh seperti sedia kala. Jadi bisa begadang lagi deh nulis blog hohoho hm di postingan ini bukan mau ceritain keseharian gue kayak biasanya, di postingan ini gue iseng pengen cerita khayalan gue kalo nanti gue ketemu Federer hahaha sering bgt ngayalin ini :)) nggak tau tiba-tiba kepikiran aja pengen share disini, yha itung-itung minta doa biar terwujud jadi nyata hehehehe ok jadi gini cerita khayalannya...

I'm spending my 2 weeks vacation in London watching Wimbledon with my family and friends. I meet so many great tennis players there. Djokovic, Nadal, Wawrinka, Sharapova, Serena, Dimitrov, Nishikori, Azarenka, Genie, Murray, Tsonga, Radwanska, like, so many of them from up close. It's been 3 days but I haven't met Roger. The man whom I wanna meet the most. The man who made me come all the way to London from Indonesia. The man who magically made me loves tennis. I only see him far away on the court when he's playing the match. Then after Roger's match that day, I suddenly bump into him in the hallway....,

me: oh my God that's him! *freaks out so badly*

me: *stops him for a quick chit chat and photo*

me: HI Rogerr *big smile* Can we please take a picture together? *trying so hard not to freak out*

RF: yeah sure why not *smile* *comes a bit closer to me*

me: *bigger smile*

me: *talks to mom/dad/sis/friend* tolong fotoin, yg banyak ya

me: *puts my hand on his waist* *gives my prettiest smile*

RF: *puts his hands on my shoulder* *gives his simple smile because he's freaking flawless just the way he is*


After taking the photo..

me: thank you so much Roger you just made my day *smile* 

me: you were amazing today on the court. I'm so proud of you. Have a good day *biggest smile*

RF: oh thanks *smile* have a good day *smile*

Then he leaves and walks away....


yha jadi begitu khayalan gue kalo nanti ketemu Roger hahaha sebenernya khayalan gue masih panjang, tapi gue ceritain segitu aja. Btw pas nanti bener kejadian entah gue bakal ngomong kayak yang diatas... Bibir gue pasti kelu speechless nggak karuan saking senengnya ketemu Roger. Degdegan banget ceritanya haha! Orang abis nulis semua ini aja gue kebawa speechless. Apalagi kalo bener terjadi. Asli gue pasti speechless hahaha tapi semoga aja enggak :) doain ya semoga this ultimate dream of mine terwujud. Amiiin. 

It will be me next to Roger one day :)

Okedeh segini dulu. Bye bye readers. Jangan lupa jaga kesehatan ok. Anyeong!


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