by - May 04, 2015

Hi, Blog! So yesterday me and my friends were running an event. The event is TAKTIK (Try Out Asik Teknik Kimia) 2015. This was our very first event, working as a team :> We spent our days for the past weeks to prepare everything for this one day. Thank God the event went well with just some minor errors here and there. :) I can say that this was my busiest Sunday ever, but I regret nothing. I had the greatest of time and had so much fun. It's a new experience for me. I learned a ton! And I really enjoyed every minute of it. So let's prepare our second event, PLASTIK (Pekan Olahraga dan Seni Teknik Kimia) 2015, as best as we can. Because working as a team we can do anything :)


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