by - June 22, 2015

DAY TWENTY NINE: what's in my makeup bag.

I assume most of you expect to see lots of makeup like the picture above inside my makeup bag. Well actually, I don't even have a makeup bag HAHAHAHA. Seriously tho, the only makeup I have is Lip Cream by NYX. That's all. Why? Because I'm a freshman in college and the only place I go to every day is my campus. And campus is not the place that you need to apply lots of makeup. I prefer going to campus with minimal makeup. So that's why I just apply face powder on the face and lip cream on the lips every single day. And you don't need a makeup bag just to keep a single object, right? BUT BUT BUT I tell you I will have a makeup bag one day. Bit by bit I will have more and more makeup kit. Because I will be in a transition from teenage years to adulthood as I turn 20 this year ((TWENTY!)) and makeup is something that adults use in most days. So I think to myself that maybe IT IS time to have more makeup kit (wkwk) and I also heard playing with makeup is nothing but fun ;)) Well in other words, it's crazy (and sad) to think that in no time, I'm no longer a teenager...

By the way I want to make an apology for all the things that I have done wrong to you, guys. I'm just a normal human being who is full of errors, mistakes, and imperfections. Let us forgive each other and do fasting with a pure heart. No sadness, no hate, no regret. May Allah bless us all the way through Ramadhan this year. I love you all. Happy fasting :>

One more challenge to go!


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