by - September 13, 2015

My kind of morning :)

Can't believe I am twenty today! Seems like yesterday my mom drove me to primary school.... omg stop growing!! :'(

I spent my birthday morning strolling around the neighborhood with my mom, dad and little sist. It is actually my mom's morning routine. She usually strolls around by herself. My dad or little sist join her in some days. Mostly on weekends. This morning I'd like to come joining them as well. And... I love it! Along the way we talked, we laughed, some other times we're quiet just want to enjoy the stroll in silence and all. But I just love all the positive vibes that surrounds me. Particularly that shiny morning skies and the cool breeze that follows. You know how I love morning skies so much! There is no better way to start the day of your birthday than this. I am so thankful for everything :)

Welcome twenties!!! *cries in corner*


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