by - September 13, 2015

So this morning Acil and Aping came to my house and gave me birthday surprise!!!!!! O.M.G gue bener-bener gak nyangka mereka bakal dateng. Sama sekali. Tadi pagi gue posting blog kan ya jam 9an. Nah pas jam 10 kurang tiba-tiba Aping nelpon gue:

Aping: *nelpon*
Chacha: (dalam hati) oh Aping mau ngucapin via telpon nih kayaknya
C: "halo ping."
A: "cha, dimana?"
C: "di rumah. Kenapa?" *still no idea*
A: "keluar deh."
C: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) *ngintip lewat jendela and there they were holding a brownies cake with candles on, that are already melted*
C: "Serius?!?!?!?!?" *langsung keluar*

Surprisenya sukses banget!!!!! Karena gue bener-bener gak nyangka kalian bakal dateng. Walaupun tidak dieksekusi dengan baik karena lilinnya meleleh duluan gue dipanggilin gak keluar-keluar hahahaha but seriously tho, it's the thoughts that counts! God I love them so much!! Until today I've had birthdays for 20 times but, I'm not gonna lie, I have never been this happy!!!!! Seriously! Best birthday ever! (I said it in every birthday :p) They made my day!!!! Bener-bener seneng banget mereka dateng ke rumah kasih surprise OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THEM!!! Gue bahkan belom mandi pas mereka dateng saking mikirnya "ha ini minggu, gak bakal ada tamu kan. Ntar aja mandinya." Because you know, no one takes shower early in the morning on Sunday. But I was wrong. I should've taken shower earlier today hahahaha I SERIOUSLY LOVE THEM!

Aping jarinya gmz banget bulet >.<
Acil made that birthday hat 
Harusnya topi Acil Aping ada namanya juga tp Acil gak sempet tulis namanya
yha Acil candid ala ala wkwkw

If I have to be completely honest with you, I cried a lil bit when I saw you guys on my doorstep. But I tell you that was tears of joy! Thank you guys you made my day! I don't know what to say other than I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! ♥♥♥♥♥


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