by - September 20, 2015

In honor of me turning 20 last week, today I want to share 20 of my bucket list. Besides watching Roger Federer's match LIVE and ice skating on a frozen lake, these are the other things I want to do before I die:

...of my own company.

I know I can't get the tattoos. But I want the piercings.

Hopefully soon!

I know most people don't get to see my hair. But I'm not doing it for them. I'm doing it for me.

I'm good at ice skating, but I don't think I'm good at backwards skating...


Perfect for my blogpost!

for The Roger Federer foundation and National Geographic: Big Cats Initiative, soon!

bands, boy bands, girl bands, solo singers, all of them!

Wimbledon, wait for me!



...with that significant other.

go on an ice skating date with me, will you?


Hopefully in the next three years!

NYC, wait for me!

Gonna start doing it soon!

Family first, career second.

I know that we only live once. So I want to make it count.


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