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Pagi, readers! Hari ini kuliah siang jam 1. Jadi karena lagi gak ada kerjaan, postingan hari ini mau main TMI Tag. For those of you who don't know, TMI adalah singkatan dari Too Much Information. Jadi cara mainnya gue jawabin pertanyaan gitu. Oke langsung saja :>

1. The story of my last kiss: IDWA.*
2. One of my obsessions: Nonton pertandingan Roger Federer LIVE. (!!!)
3. What was going on in my life one year ago: Kuliah. Ngekos lagi. Jauh dari keluarga lagi. Padahal niatnya setelah lulus SMAKBO mau kerja sambil kuliah biar gak usah ngekos gak usah jauh dari keluarga lagi.
4. One of my insecurities: I gain weight easily, but I'm okay with that.

5. My childhood career choice: I don't remember.
6. Worst day of my life so far: When my dad had to stay in the semi-ICU. Worst day ever! More details here.
7. One thing I'd like to change about myself: I wish I had a different hair color.
8. An object I own that has sentimental value: My "The Lion King" VCD. I now respect wild animals, particularly Lion, all started from there. From that VCD. 
9. My favorite childhood toy: I don't remember.
10. School subject I was/am good at: I was pretty good at Math in primary school.
11. One of my hobbies: Swimming on Saturday/Sunday morning.
12. One of my bad habits: Begadang.
13. The weirdest sexual encounter I've had: IDWA.
14. Where I want to be right now: Home.
15. Who I wish I could be: I don't know. Can't think of any one.
16. How old the person that I like is: IDWA.
17. Where I would like to live: London. So I could watch Wimbledon LIVE every year and meet Federer and Bradley Cooper there. It's a win win! 
18. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: No man is sexier than Tom Cruise. Period.
19. (A question of your choice.) A random fact about me: I prefer drinking smoothies to coffee.
* = I don't want to answer.

Selesai. I'll be back tomorrow to post my last 30 day blogging challenge: Why I Blog. So stay tuned!


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