Throughout 6 years of my blogging journey, I realize that I somehow never give my readers a useful content or topic. Things I share in this tiny space are just all about my daily activities or daily life, sort of, and some random thoughts that you might not want to read. So I think to myself, "These people have given 15-20 minutes of their time reading your blog post. Don't you think they deserve some useful contents in return so that they're not wasting their time reading this tiny boring little space?" Yes, here I am writing that post ehe. Today I'm going to share some things I find useful to help you improving your English skill.

Sing along to your favorite songs Here's the little trick: before you get to the "sing along" part, I highly suggest you to listen carefully to how the singer pronounces every word in that song. Literally, every single word. Listen to it over and over. Then as you sing along, try to mimic how the singer pronounces every word as similar as possible. Always do that every time you sing a song and you will master any English words pronunciation!  

Write your own caption on your social media I bet you all my friends have more than one social medias, am I right? And I bet you often write caption on your post in English? But be honest with me, those words are the words -or should I say Quote- that you find online, aren't they? From now on I suggest you to start writing your own words for your captions on any of your posts of any of your social medias. This way you can get used to expressing your feelings and describe them into words.

Read articles or blog or novel on your favorite topic For me personally, I always do this tip every frikkin day. You know how I enjoy watching tennis matches, right? Yes, I read all articles about tennis on its official website. Mostly about Roger Federer as some of you might already guess haha I love reading tennis articles! I also get to spend hours reading my favorite blogs! You can find all the links of my favorite blogs on my sidebar. My point is: try to read something in English. I know this may be hard on you at first. That's why I suggest you to read on your favorite topic. So you won't get inconvenient because you simply love the topic. For me it's tennis, big cats and blogs :) 

Watch movies People often say, "Watch movies with English subtitles." I partly agree in this. For me it's better to regularly switch the subtitles. Some days you watch the movie in Bahasa, some other days you watch that same movie in English. This way you'll increase your English vocabularies and learn how to arrange words because you watch that same movie over and over again and keep switching the subtitles. It works best for me.

Watch it in english:

Other times switch the subtitle in Bahasa:

Watch vlogs If you're feeling ready for the next step, watch Vlogs. There are soooo many vlogs in youtube now. This way you'll improve your listening skill a ton because dude, you won't find subtitles in vlog. You are forced to listen to every single word they say. You'll get used to it :) For starter, you can watch this beauty vlog by kathleenlights. She's my favorite vlogger! She's so cute, bubbly and funny! You'll find yourself laughing watching her videos. Oh, and she's talking mostly about makeup ;)

Leave a comment Are you following your idol/favorite soccer player/favorite singer or just any of your favorite people on your social medias? I bet you are. Here I suggest you to leave a comment on any posts they are posting on their social medias. This way you'll get used to communicate in English. Trust me it needs some practice. Sometimes you want to say something but you just don't know how to put it into words. Practice it this way. Later maybe you'll make some online friends. Well who knows ;)

Write an open letter to your idol I wrote Roger Federer some open letters here in this blog. When he's in his lowest, I gave him support and encouragement through my letter. Same thing when he's in his highest. I'm happy for him and give him  a "congrats! I'm proud of you." through my letter. I'll tell you, write your idol a letter. I know it's a little chance that they read your letter. But take the positive thing, you practice your writing skill! 

Play your favorite games I'm sure people have their own favorite games. For me it's The Sims! I can play The Sims ALL day and never get enough. It's so fun it's a crime hahaha. When you constantly play your favorite games, you're somehow learning some English there! So my suggestion here is simple. Keep on playing! It's good for you ;)

Take english course If taking english courses is in your budget and you have a lot of free time, take it. After all taking english course is helping you a ton! You can learn English directly from the skillful and competent teachers and also native speakers! Take your chances and make the most of it. It's worth every penny. 

Don't be scared to make mistakes We're all just normal human being who are full of errors, mistakes and imperfections everyday. To make mistakes is a learning process. You try, you fail, you learn, you grow. Everyone makes mistakes. So don't be afraid to make mistakes. Don't be afraid of failure. Keep practicing because practice makes perfect. Just don't stop learning :)

Take advantage on your favorite sport Me for example. I looove watching tennis matches! Every time I watch a match, I always listen to what the commentators have to say. At first I was in distress. Because I barely catch a word! It was sooo hard. But I keep trying. Now, 2 years later, I can laugh along with the commentators, I get their jokes. I can listen to all Federer has to say in his speech or interview. I can watch all matches with minor difficulties :) 

So those are what I do for improving my English skill over the years. I hope you find these tips useful. I know I am no expert in this, but these things do work. :) what are your favorite ways to upgrade your ability in English, readers? Leave a comment below and let's learn from each other :> 


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