Been signing off of this site for some time. 6 months to be exact. 6 months! Wow.. For my long time readers you know that I've never been off of this blog for such a loooong time. Over the past months, the urge to post wasn't just there. I was just not feeling to share all my routines and thoughts like I used to. So I decided to take some time off of this site. But I think 6 months is enough vacay. :)

Today I come across a really really nice site. The layout is neat and simple, but the writings are wonderful. I love how the author translates her unspoken yet interesting thoughts into words. I love how she motivates herself. I was immersed by her story. I was inspired. On a scale of 1 to 10 my writing skill is 1. Just by reading several posts on her site I can tell that her writing skill is 9. So I think to myself that this is one thing I want to do more in 2017: to practice writing. Starting today. (why wait 2017? I can just start today, right? 😊)

In conclusion from now on you will find more random musings here in this site rather than daily life routines. (Besides, my daily life is boring. You don't wanna know ha.) And those random musings may not be the-nice-wonderful kind to read because of this poor skill of writing. But bare with me, it'll get better in time :)


and I love it that Blogger now have the feature for me to insert emoji on a post. Nice one, Blogger! 👍😉