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First thing first, I get super emotional today looking at this photo... After a 6-month longest break from the tennis world (which he never did in his almost 20-year career as a professional tennis player) due to knee injury, Roger Federer is finally back on tour! This one really is a tough journey for him and also for his fans around the world. I am SO happy that in this photo, he looks healthy and fit as a fiddle! He looks great. Hopefully he is fully recovered now :) I am so excited to watch him back playing at the high level this year. 🙌

Been missing him like CRAZY for the past few days. 

Not only Roger Federer, but I also took 6-month break from blogging. We're in the new year now, so I think it's a decent time to share the things you have missed from me during the last semester of 2016, which are:

There was this flood that hit Mancak, Kabupaten Serang last year in July. The flood was pretty bad. It destroyed almost all houses in the village including schools and pre-schools. The villagers need people to help them recover their newly-destroyed village. So me and my friends volunteered for that. There was this kid, named Lia, that sticked to me like a glue (pictured below whom I hold in a tosca-colored shirt). It was so awkward for me since I'm not very comfortable around little kids. But I got used to it in the end haha she's a nice girl 👧

Mancak, Kabupaten Serang. July 30th 2016.
Stopping by pecel lele Damkar for dinner with the crew.

All in all, it's a great experience to be able to offer some little help for people in need. There is this feeling of happiness that I can't simply described into words seeing the kids' smiles. Those kids still enjoying life at their best during that poorly situation. Mission in life :)

I fell in love with taking care of CACTUS. All started because the author of one of my favorite blogs, Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess, loves cactus. Like what she said, she had collected (and had killed) many cactus over the years. And because I read all her blog posts and saw every cactus photo in her home errryday on her IG, it somehow made me think cactus are cuties and I love them. I started taking a good care of 3 baby cactus on August. And on a recent note, I just killed every one of them... I'm a terrible cactus owners 😭😭 I'm sorry cactus. I'm still learning. I'll be more careful with my cactus in the future.

They are all my favorites and so pretty! I can't pick one ugh.
So long baby cactus. I'm sorry...


Nope. I'm kidding.

To be frank, it was actually a glasses without any glass on it... Do you get it? Yes, in Bahasa that means, kacamata bolong HAHAHA I saw a blogger wore that once and I thought it was weird yet it was funny. I found myself buying the same kind of glasses the next day 😆

Anyway, I had a quality time with the inner circle! Looooove these girls! They're the ones that have been beside me through all the things for the past 7 years. We lived in the same boarding house during high school. So basically we were together for 24/7.  It's kinda hard for us to match our free time just to schedule a 2-hour meeting now. Things changed. (Sad) They're not. (Happy). Few days after this meeting, we went to Dufan!!! But minus Acil. She had to work that day :(

They also are my loyal readers all this time hahah.
Our 273264th photo box.
Saving a little Snapchat update.


If I were in The Sims, I'd be a young adult by now.

Adult!!! Let's cry.


No need more explanation.

Goodbye childhood. Welcome adulthood...

Adult outside, forever a kid inside.
Fake smile.

After a -ekhm- pretty extreme (but not necessary that extreme -_-) tests, me and some of my friends were accepted as the Basic Chemical Laboratory Assistant. I've been performing this newly job for the last 6 months. It's not so much a rewarding wage, but at least I got to use the speedy free WiFi. Ha! High five ✋ In order to get to know each other between the senior assistants and the juniors, few days after we (the juniors) were accepted, we kinda arranged a quick getaway to the Anyer beach. So we can get to chit chat in a more fun and enjoyable environment. It was pretty fun 👌👌

That pwetty sky tho.
I'm sorry I stepped on you, coral reef. I'm such a terrible human being...
Hello, co-workers.
Helloooooooo, abang teteh 😁

Last but not least, I joined WWF Indonesia's program called Tiger Warrior. A conservation program of the natural habitat of the Sumatran Tigers. It's a long process, but I am so happy that I can pull it off and so fortunate that I received a lot of nice responses from a lot of my friends. That means everything to me. I will share more about this in another post very soon. It's all I can say now :)

That time when it gets official :)
Sumatran Tigers Infographic. Open image in new tab to read the details.

👆 Picture courtesy of WWF Indonesia. 👆

So that was it. The highlight of my last semester of 2016. I grew a lot as a person this year. Thank you, 2016. For the highs and the lows. For all the lessons. For all the mistakes. See you never. I'm moving on 👋👋👋 I am more than ready to see what 2017 has in store. Will be back to post my 2017 resolution. Just a regular January post. Haha! HAPPY NEW YEAR 💗


Did you read this post entirely without a single thing skipped? Wow, just thank u. This is such a long post 😂😂😂

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