I've been reading many articles that talk about investing in our twenties and why it's important for us as a human being. Those articles have opened my eyes that I, as a 21-year-old, have not invested so much. Fortunately I'm still in my early 20s tho, so I still have time to improve and invest more. And invest is not always about money. It's those simple things that will make you a better person for the years to come, like networking with people, volunteering, reading, learning new skill, etc. That's why my 2017 resolutions will be about some things to invest in me. 

Attending workshops/seminars
Through seminar I'll be able to explore, exchange thoughts and learn things from like-minded professionals. I'll be richer in knowledge and feeling inspired by the time I leave the event. Therefore, this year I'd like to start attending seminar/talkshow in the topic I like the most which are nature and wildlife. WWF Indonesia often held talkshows in 2016. I hope I can attend one(s) in 2017.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle
I simply want to invest in this because I don't want to spend my 30s, 40s, 50s with health issues. I want to stay healthy for as long as I can. I love being healthy. So what I do is to stay away from processed foods, drink more water and workout. I've been away from processed foods and drinking more water since late 2016. But the workout is the new thing. I hope I can commit to that.

Reading books
Reading opens and inspires my mind in a way that other things can't do. And it also helps my writing skill to improve. I've been reading a lot tho. But it's not done in a printed book. It's more of articles on online sites. So this year I'd like to read more books and maybe make a review out of it in this site as a practice to my writings. We'll see :)

Of course there are still sooo many things to invest in me. But in 2017, I try to focus more on these simple three preferences and hopefully it can be a habit :) In my opinion, if you're a twenty-something, start considering to invest in things that will make your future-self thank you for.


Pictures sources: Pinterest.