June was pretty hectic. Mainly the first couple weeks of June. 

I was in a deadline for my research proposal to be checked and accepted. That was the biggest project I work on for the last semester. It's so close to the finish line. Until I got the news that my lecturer/advisor/mentor was hospitalized and had to be bed-rest for over a week... My proposal was, again, neglected. Well, not much I can do. One thing I know once the proposal is done, I will be presenting it in a seminar hopefully in September. Finger crossed. Wish me luck!

This year I didn't do fasting for 12 days. That's A LOT. I had my period for the first 4 days of Ramadhan. And I was back in my cycle only 2 weeks after that. It's insane. That has never happened before. Certainly there was something wrong with my period cycle. Maybe, just maybe, I was having too much stress with all those college tasks (research proposal, pembicaraan OTK, dealing with crazy partners, preparing for final exam, etc) and my body naturally reacted that way. 

Luckily, I had a laid-back end of June. Being around my favorite people, playing The Sims 4 all day, reading books or sleeping in every morning have made the month easier to live by. All in all, I just got through another rough month :)

Moving on, here's some photos from the month.

I walk pass this road every frikkin day
Waiting for pembicaraan akhir humid
The very few people who have seen my naked soul. I can literally show them my most fragile heart
Them, too.
It feels like autumn
My favorite candid photo of the month
That one time when the evening sky was so beautiful I had to take a photo of it

Tomorrow afternoon I will be on a plane heading for Dumai, Riau to start my internship in Pertamina for a month and a half. I will stay at my brother's place. Yes, I have relatives there. Don't worry. As for now, I'm in between excited and terrified... I don't know exactly what I am terrified about, but I just am.

Another note; Wimbledon starts July 3rd!!! It's that time of year again 💖 I will be watching and supporting my No. 1 Idol, you-know-who (haha!) from Dumai, I think. If he wins it this year, it will be his 19th (!!!!) Grand Slam title. Hope 19 is our lucky number :)

Thank you for reading my story. You don't really have to do this. Thank YOU.
Oh, and please wish me tons of luck. I'm gonna need it.